Directed Lighting, LLC

Directed Lighting offers a full line of lighting and grip equipment rentals to suit the needs of your production. Our inventory list is always changing, so please call or email us for current availability and rates.

HMI (all electronic ballasts):
Joker 400
575w Fresnel
1.2k Par
1.8k Par (M18)
4k Par

Kino Flo: grip head
2' Single
2' Double
2' 4Bank
4' Single
4' Double
4' 4Bank
Flathead 80
Image 80

ARRI LoCaster A2 (2800k-6500k)
Gekko Karsslite 6006 Tungsten 1x1 Panel
Gekko Karsslite 6012 Tungsten 1x2 Panel
Gekko Kezia 200 2900k-6500k spotlight
PRG Foton Tungsten spotlight
Rosco Litepad Axiom 1'x1' Daylight
Rosco Litepad Axiom 6"x12" Daylight
Rosco Litepad HO 3"x13" Daylight
Rosco Litepad HO 3"x6" Daylight

Chimeras/Soft Banks:
JEM 22" Ball w/Ripstop/Bleached Muslin/Unbleached Muslin
Chimera Video Pro Plus X-Small
Chimera Video Pro Plus Small
Chimera Video Pro Plus Medium
Chimera Pancake lantern Small
Chimera Pancake lantern Medium
Chimera Pancake lantern Large
Rifa ex44
Photoflex Halfdome nxt

150w Dedo
150w Fresnel
300w Fresnel
650w Fresnel
1k Fresnel
2k Fresnel
5k Fresnel
750w Open Face (Arrilite 750+)
1k Open Face (Mickey)
2k Open Face (Mighty/Blonde)
1k Zip/Softlite
2k Zip/Softlite
650w Nook
1k Nook
ETC Source Four/Leko (19,26,36,50)
Par64 Can
6-Light Maxi-Brute
9-Light Maxi-Brute
9-Light Mini-Brute (FAY)

#2/5 Banded Camlok Feeder (reversed ground)
50' 100A Bates Extension
25' 100A Bates Extension
50' 60A Bates Extension
25' 60A Bates Extension
50' 12/3 Single Extension
25' 12/3 Single Extension
25' 12/3 Quad Box Extension

600A Pass-Thru (LEX)
300A Dead End (LEX)
100A Lunch Box
100A Woodhead
60A Woodhead

Trico Tie-in Set (Med/Lg)
Bare Ends Tie-in Set
120v Snakebite
220v Snakebite
100A-100A Splitter
100A-60A Splitter
60A-60A Splitter
100A-Edison Fan Out
60A-Edison Fan Out
30A Twist-60A Adapter

NSI/Leviton 24/48ch DMX Console
2.4k x 12ch CD80 DMX Dimmer Rack (Stage Pin out)
2k Magic Gadgets Flicker Generator
2k Magic Gadgets Pro DImmer
1k Hand Squeeze
600w Hand Squeeze
50' Socapex
Stage Pin-Socapex Break-in
Socapex-Edison Break-out
50' DMX
25' DMX

See Generators page.

We have a comprehensive 3-ton grip package available

Available via sub-rental from our partners

We do not offer camera equipment, or camera support, but can recommend excellent low-cost vendors for everything from a 5DMkII kit to a full-blown ALEXA rig with lenses.

Currently, we only have a cargo van available for rental. If you need more space, we can help recommend other vendors



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